A Rocking New Treasure Hunt

Rock Hunting

What’s this new ‘rock hunting’ trend that swept the nation in 2017? Millions of people across the world took part in this new version of a treasure hunting game. What began as a kindness project, a project in which people painted inspirational quotes on a rock and hid them for others to randomly stumble upon, turned into a hide-and-seek game in many towns…including ours!

How does this work? People paint rocks, hiding them around town, and post clues to where they are hidden. Once someone finds a rock, they are asked to post a photo of the rock so that the creator can see that their rock has been found. Some people even like to keep the rocks they find because they like them so much. In this case, people are asked to paint their own rocks to replace the ones they keep. The project brings communities together and can be a fun way for families to spend time together.

Our local group, Athens TN Rocks on Facebook, has grown to over 6,500 members during the past year! The group has even held special events centered around rock hunting. I volunteered to photograph the special needs rock hunt that took place in August. Many of the rocks hidden during this event included prizes with the rocks, how fun! Here are a few photos from the event.

Our kids absolutely love to paint and hide rocks. We have slowed down quite a bit since school started back and the weather turned colder but can’t wait to get back into during the spring and summer months!


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